The mandate of the system development section is maintain and continually improve the ERP system alongside all other database driven applications as well as portals attached to these systems.

Our duties include;

  • Troubleshooting problems and issues that arise
  • Training employees in how to use this system.
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Performing system backups and other system recovery procedures
  • Implement system and software upgrades.
  • Customize the ERP System functions and reports as per the user requirements.
  • Working with consultants and external vendors to integrate the ERP system with other systems.
  • Enhance existing modules to meet user requirements.
  • Interpret user requirements into logical functions.
  • Analyze user requirements and advice on the required logical structures.
  • Developing system documentation and operating manuals for applicable systems.
  • Testing and modifying systems to ensure that they operate reliably.
  • Fault finding, diagnosing and fixing bugs.
  • Working on projects designed to identify security and efficiency issues and develop solutions to those issues.


The primary skill needed for this job is knowing ERP software and how to utilize it in the business world. Knowledge of other information technology areas is also necessary, including database management and IT security procedures. Other programming languages are frequently used along with ERP software. Strong analytical and problem solving skills are required.

It is often necessary to manage multiple tasks at once. It is also important to be able to communicate well. ERP administrators have to interact not only with their teams but also with customers and other people in the company as well as external consultants and vendors.