Section Name Mandate
1.   Operations and Support Section The Operations and Support Section is responsible for Support of the University’s ICT Infrastructure and the management and day-to-day operation of:

i. Computer Labs, Overall management of student access and use of         computers,

ii.  Setup, Administration, Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution of Staff PCs       and Printers.

iii. Installing and setup of software in new machines and addition of users to           the University domain.

iv. Meetings facilitations (Presentation support).

v. Offering preventive maintenance for all ICT Equipments.

vi. User support/help administration.

2.  Information Systems Section The Information System Section is responsible for:

i.    All information systems development, customization, deployment and continual improvement across the University and all its campuses including development/acquisition, implementation and deployment as well as resolving systems issues.

ii.    Developing innovations and solutions for internal and external consumption, monitoring the performance of key information systems, performance tuning and documenting systems as well as developing user manuals and system reports.

iii.   University email management and management of web content for the University website and social media content management.


3.  Network Infrastructure Section The Network Infrastructure Section is responsible for;

i.  Planning, installation, support, maintenance and continuous improvement of the University communication infrastructure.

ii.        Provides network services for data, voice and video including;

a.    Intelligence surveillance

b.    Access control

c.    IP telephony management

d.    Video conferencing/tele-presence

e.    Systems audit

f.     Anti-virus management

g.    Back-up and recovery operations

h.    Server administration and

i.     Bandwidth management.



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